This is a list of all 37 Sagas spanning across the 2 series of the ASBA Franchise. The Sagas have been split into 6 Main arcs for both series meaning there is a total of 12 Main Arcs.


  • Beginners Arc
    • Trainee Saga
    • A.S.B.A Premier Saga
    • Standard Bout Saga
    • Energy Saga
  • Ivork Army Arc
    • Wongat Tournament Saga
    • Adrof Forest Saga
    • Ivan Unit Saga
    • Major District Saga
  • History of Max Arc
    • Past Saga
    • Anti Crime Watch Saga
  • Upper Class Arc
    • Wrath Saga
    • Alloid Saga
    • Patrol Saga
  • Elite Boxer Arc
    • Alloid X Saga
    • 2nd Wongat Tournament Saga
    • Final 4 Saga
  • Azarath Arc
    • Clone Saga
    • Cian Baldwin Saga
    • Azarath Saga

ASBA: Hex TournamentEdit

  • Block A Saga
  • Block B Saga
  • Block C Saga
  • Block D Saga
  • Semi Finals Saga
  • Final Saga

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